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What's "The Sweet Life?"
The Sweet Life Fellowship is a ministry of Christian believers pursuing a twofold purpose. We provide discipleship, encouragment, and strengthening of faith within our fellowship through relationship building gatherings as well as shared life experiences. Secondly we "GO" into our community and world bringing the good news and love of Jesus Christ while helping to lead those we meet into a lifechanging relationship with God.

The Sweet Life is for all ages and for anyone. We are a fellowship of friends who are commited to a deeper relationship with God and one another. We gather regularly in various locations in our community to meet, fellowship, eat , play, pray, worship, serve and learn together. We believe its more than ok to have fun, and to be full of joy. We do our best to look at life as "glass half full". And when things go wrong and we face challenges we believe that's when we need good friends the most .We believe it's a good thing to cry on each others shoulders and to encourage one another in Christ. We believe in living life to the fullest, just like when we were children, chasing fireflies in the springtime and making snow angels in the cold of winter all while loving God and each other to the extreme.

So whats the deal with all the fellowship?
Hmmm.... We're kind of trying to follow God's example on this one. A long time ago in a garden pretty far away, mankind managed to mess up bigtime. With one stupid move we severed something very, very important...the fellowship between God and man. God, loving us more than we could ever comprehend wanted that fellowship back so much that He made THE Way to redeem us. The almighty creator of the universe stepped down from His throne, became like us, suffered like no one else ever has, and paid us a visit on humanity's front door step. All because he loves us and misses us. Fellowship was such a big deal to God that He gave all, and sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to regain what we had squandered. God desperately wants to be your Saviour and Lord...He's your constant friend who will never betray you. He's there for you when you're feeling upset, or soaring in happiness. The bottom line is that God loves you personally and wants to spend time with you. God Himself values fellowship so greatly that he was willing to give all to reestablish it, we seek to follow His sacrificial example and show that same love and dedication to our surrounding community and world.

Why be so different?
Well the truth is because God told us to. In the book of John, Christ said to " one another..." What better way to follow the commandment of Christ than to be true friends with our brothers and sisters. What better way to be the salt that flavors our community than to share the love of Christ with them through fellowship and committed relationship. In our modern culture so many people are chasing after happiness, and contentment but falling short in their pursuit. It's through the finest cars, the best clothing, the most expensive jewelry that the world says happiness can be achieved. The highest paying job, the biggest home, a giant bank account, thats where society says contentment and peace are hiding. But as believers we know theres only one way to burn away the darkness. There is a yearning absence inside every human being who hasn't accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Within every individual their exists a "Christ shaped hole in the heart" that can never be filled by the riches this world offers. This wound can only be repaired by the great physician himself. In a committed relationship with Jesus Christ is the only place where we are able to truly find "The Sweet Life". If we can help someone understand and accept Christs love for them over a barbecue and cold soda then bring on the grill and charcoal...where did we put our "kiss the cook" apron!

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